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The Purpose of Hypnosis and Shamanic Counseling

To Set People Free
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About Me

Welcome to your new adventure in Hypnosis, Shamanic counseling and Energy healing. I have worked as a psychologist for 30 years and found the most powerful techniques are these three. Through the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, I have trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Comprehensive Energy Psychology and other approaches. I am also well trained in Dynamic Energetic Healing. 

Hypnosis has been my middle name through out my career and I now use this for Past Life Regression, Ancestral Healing and Future Life Progression.

Add to these approaches are the Shamanic. I have trained with Michael Harner and the Foundation of Shamanic Studies for over 30 years. I have also trained with Sandra Ingerman, Robert Moss, Brant Secunda and others.

I am also a Bon Buddhist practitioner, Qigong practitioner, avid hiker, dog lover, and human still moving into the vastness of our healing potential




Specializing in Past Life Regression, Shamanic Healing, Energy Coaching

Past Life Regression; Ancestral Healing
Shamanic Tools
Energy Coaching: Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping

Remembering past lives provides wonderful insight and healing for your current life. You can travel through space and time to bring back useful information and often to have received an energetic healing. 

You can access past lives either through hypnotic trance or shamanic process. 

Besides past lives you can explore Between Lives to contact your Higher Self and have contact with your spirit guides. You are given an overview of your soul's process with an experience of the love and support that is always available to you. You may also want to work with Ancestral Spirits.

I have had training over the years with Michael Newton, Roger Woolger, Linda Backman and Christina Pratt

My Shamanic approach is that of Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. The goal is to guide you to your inner shaman for your own experiences and knowledge.

With that goal, the FSS has developed a Shamanic Counseling program. It includes five journeys done in progressive sessions. You will journey to receive a power animal and a spirit teacher who will then provide support and answers to your concerns. This is a wonderful approach for those new to shamanism but also those with years of experience can benefit as well.

Other Shamanic Tools that I can provide are Soul Retrieval (either I journey for you and retrieve soul parts or guide you to do this for yourself), Ancestral Healing, Energy Extraction. 

Energy Coaching also called Energy Psychology  includes innovative techniques that have been adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine involving meridians and acupressure points.  Clients tap on their own points and can be taught self-help versions. Change happens quickly with great ease.

One of the most publicized approaches is Emotional Freedom Techniques also called Tapping (developed by Gary Craig). I have been trained in this and other energy psychology approaches. Particularly powerful is Dynamic Energy Healing which works through kinesiology (muscle testing) so that your inner knowing guides the process. 

Research has found that these techniques reduce cortisol, increase endorphins creating a relaxed state which brings healing. 

Series of 3 sessions for price of  2

Series 1 Shamanism: Journey to Power Animal; Journey to Spirit Guide; Divination Journey

Series 2 Ancestral Healing: Meet Your Well Ancestors; Unresolved Ancestral Energies; Healing Unwell Ancestors

Series 3: Your Soul's Journey: Learn Your Soul's Contract; Clear Blocks to Manifesting Your Gifts; Manifesting Your Gifts

Series 4: Past Life Regressions: 3 Past Life Regressions tailored to your needs

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